Export markdown to Confluence

I was curious to see what the exported markdown looked like in Confluence. I was quite surprised that the tables and footnotes worked fine, but several other features did not. These include the TOC and folding features as well as embedded images. I would love to see export to Confluence work for all features, but the main ones like tables worked great.

Images are not included in the markdown export as it’s a text-only format.
I’m not an exporter of Confluence but I read online it imports Word docs and you can try to export as DOCX in Bear to possibly fix the image issue.

Regarding the TOC, that’s not something we produce along the exports but rather something we display at runtime and it’s built with the note content. I don’t know how Confluence generates the TOCs.

Thanks for the good explanation. I will try the Word export and see what it does and report back. The TOC is a nice to have but does not really worry me. The most important stuff is handled well, including the table support. That was pretty surprising and important, at least to me.