Export Note action in Apple Shortcut, fails on PDF and docx with images

Export Note action in Apple Shortcut, fails on PDF, docx and ePub with images.

Testing version: 2.0 (10759) on iPad/iOS

What were you doing: Running a shortcut that use Export Note as PDF, docx, or ePub from Bear.

What feature did you use: Export Note action

What happened: Shortcut stopped with message:
“There was a problem communicating with the app”

What did you expect to happen: Note to be exported, as it does with markdown, html, Textbundle and bear files.

Export as PDF and docx works fine when notes have no images/attachments.
Also same Shortcut with same action works fine on Mac with images in notes.

Version 2,0 (10816) update on iPhone

  1. Looks like Shortcuts’ Bear export action now is fixed and working well for docx and ePub

  2. But PDFs still fails with same error message (as described above) when containing either images, sketches, or even just tables.


yes, I forgot to mention the action was fixed for DocX and ePub but not for PDF.
The PDF export problem is caused by the limitation of iOS extensions (mostly memory usage) and I’m very unsure I’ll be able to make it work. Eventually, we have to consider keeping the PDF option for macOS only.

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Sorry, are you saying PDF export will no longer be possible in the iOS app or only if using this shortcut workflow to generate a PDF?

No, PDF export works very well on iOS and iPadOS.

It’s only the Bear export action in Apple Shortcuts that fails with PDF – that’s what we were discussing. :sunglasses:

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Phew! Thank goodness for that :sweat_smile:

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