[Feature Request] Ability to rename title from the app on iPad

I’m sure this has been suggested, but if not, here is my reasoning. I am trying to quickly rename the document I just created, but I don’t want to have to tap Back button to name it in the Files app. Having to use the Files app requires too many unnecessary taps.

I propose that you add a way to rename a document by tapping on the title within the app. From here, the user will be presented with a dialog box (not too big, hopefully center of screen) giving the option to rename the document. As an added bonus, if the title can be highlighted in the dialog box, that would be at least 2 taps (excluding the taps for the file name).

Hi there,

I’m not sure if this is something we’d be able to do, but I’ll pass it onto the development team to investigate :slight_smile:

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