[Feedback Request] iOS/iPadOS Home Screen quick actions

Hey everyone,

Thank you all for the amazing job you have been doing sharing feedback and testing betas. Now, we need your help! :tada:

We are currently working on the iOS/iPadOS Home Screen quick actions and would like your opinions. If you touch and hold on the Bear icon on the Home Screen (try it out if you haven’t!), you will get a menu of quick actions:

  • New Note (Create a new note)
  • Search (Open Search bar)
  • New Photo (Create a new note with the camera opened for a new photo)
  • New Todo (Create a new note with a todo list)

Now we are thinking of having a “Scan Document” option in the menu, which quickly creates a new note and opens the camera for document scanning. However, a maximum of 4 menu options are allowed here due to the limitation of iOS/iPadOS.

We’d love your opinion on this: Would you rather replace Search with Scan document or leave it as is? Which one do you think works better for you, and why?

Let us know! :grin: :bear:

Replacing Search with Scan Document would work better for me. I usually search with Spotlight.

A widget with quick actions would be :fire:

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I would like to keep Search.

But I never use “New ToDo”, so wouldn’t mind replacing that with “Scan Document

Or keep it as it is :sunglasses:


No no no please never remove Search! The only two I’m using are New note and Search. (I would not use Scan document…)


I would love to see the scan document instead of the todo action!

I actually do not care what command would be removed. But “Scan document” would be the one I definitely would like to have as quick action

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NOOOOO you removed search

Of all options, I argue this is the worst to remove. Some users will never scan documents, take photos or make todos in Bear. But I will argue that everyone creates notes and everyone searches. No matter what your use case is, these are the two that should never go, because they are useful to all users no matter how they use the app.

Since you are limited to four actions in the quick menu, may I suggest the Evernote approach: hide photo and scan behind one button and when you’re presented with the camera, buttons allow you to either take a photo, or scan and the result is then included in Bear?


I never use any of the item but I agree if something has to go it would be the ToDo


This would be a huge benefit. I think that @KillerWhale has the best idea on approach. Put photo & scan behind the same button, then a choice of which one when presented with the camera view.