Requesting return of Search in long press iOS menu

I submitted this feedback in the beta and unfortunately heard nothing back, so trying again now that it’s in the final release.

I really really really hate this change: "Replaced the “search” menu item previously available by long pressing Bear’s icon on the home screen with “Scan Documents” Can you please reverse it or make it configurable? I’ve never once scanned a doc or taken a photo directly into Bear in years of use, but I search every single day. I need this quick access. Thank you

My user experience can’t be that unusual in the community; everyone searches, but I doubt everyone scans documents directly into Bear, or does it frequently enough to warrant a long press shortcut item on the home screen. Can this change please either be reverted or at least be configurable?

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@Claire_Bear, I only found this other thread after I already posted, please let me know if you’d like me to comment there as well or instead. It seems that several folks were voting to keep Search, but I don’t see that this feedback was responded to.

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