Would prefer an easier way to add a scan

Unless I’m missing something, on iOS, it takes too many clicks to add a scan to a note: make the cursor active, click the text formatting tool, hold down the camera icon and slide over to the scan icon. I would like to have a way to get to scanning without all the navigating of menus.


It depends on how nuch most ppl use the feature, and scanning is very person dependent. Maybe making a shortcut would help? Is there a shortcut for scanning…:thinking:

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Unfortunately, no shortcut for scanning. I’m wondering if adding it to the end of press hold in the text would be a solution.


Dropbox has “new scan” in the “new” menu and in the menu that appears when holding on the app icon on the Home Screen. That should work much better

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Agree. Long press on app icon should give option to create new scan

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