[Feature Request] Add timestamp button to iPad

When documenting things, there are times when I want to keep a record of when I completed a certain entry.

I propose adding a timestamp button as an overlay, so that it can be added at any time. If an overlay option isn’t favorable, perhaps right next to the info icon. Added functions could consist of specifying the date time format.

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Hi there,

At the time you can quickly add in the current date/time by using the following shortcuts:

  • ⇧⌘7 - Long Form Date with time (11 Jul 2017, 10:43)
  • ⇧⌘8 - Long Form Date (11 Jul 2017)
  • ⇧⌘9 - Short Form Date (11/07/2017)
  • ⇧⌘0 - Hours (11:43)

Also, both the creation and modification dates are currently available in the information panel in Bear :bear:

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