Feature request: expose notes as editable files

One thing I really wish Bear did, and hope you consider as the app is heavily evolved for 2.0 and beyond, is expose its notes content in a way that outside apps could directly interact with it.

It is extremely valuable and empowering to numerous user workflows to be able to work with one’s notes in other editors and tools (and even scripts), directly (not with manual export/re-import or copy/paste). The flexibility it offers to users extending their own workflows significantly reduces the burden on the core app to provide all features for all users.

This is something NotePlan, for example, does extremely well: its whole database is accessible as files, even though it uses a CloudKit database (not plain files/iCloud Drive/Dropbox) for its sync backend.

People like Andy Matuschak have custom-built their own tools to try to enable this, but it’s far more brittle than something built in to the app and integrated with its sync engine, and it’s not very naturally usable on iOS.

Note that this is not a request for purely file-based storage, or standalone Panda. I still love the core Bear experience and database-centric design.

Rather, I want to be able to Bear as-is but allowing content to also be read and written externally in a standard way, since it is so empowering and flexible.

An alternative could be to work on enriching the API to be powerful enough to allow a 3rd party to develop a File Provider or similar backend, but I suspect natively integrating it into the app’s core is much more likely to be bulletproof.


Hi there,

As we currently intend to keep and maintain Panda as a standalone editor after it’s integration into Bear, we don’t have any plans to expose notes contents in this way in Bear.

This is not something we envision changing, but we thank you for the suggestion and the alternative option you provided.

I’ll pass this option onto the development team incase they wish to reconsider this decision.

If I can assist any further in the meantime let me know as i’d be happy to help!