Please keep File Manager!

I love Panda’s direct file manager, which allow users to visit files on iPad or cloud drivers(no matter which one). Please don’t just support iCloud like u used to do. iCloud just not good enough at some situations.

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The more I work with Panda, the more I prefer the file based approach. Being able to organise notes into folders just suits me better than the date/alphabetically sorted list of notes that Bear provides. Then I can use Finder’s native tags for another layer of organisation. If Panda files were Spotlight searchable with Spotlight previews that would be all I need.

I also hope to support folder management, of course, labels also need to be kept.

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Although iPadOS’s File app sucks, ur usage is still better than bear’s original sorted list. They are all stuck in Apple’s historical mistakes and the better support to File Manager is definitely the first step.

Another thing I’ve found myself liking about the current file-based approach is that attachments are editable. For example I can open a PDF stored inside a .panda note, make some annotations, save and the changes are saved back to the note (and synced via iCloud if the note is stored on iCloud Drive). Try doing that in Bear and you’ll get a message that the PDF is locked.

Editing attachments was something I really missed when I tried to migrate from Evernote to Bear so it would be great if this functionality is kept somehow when the editor is migrated to Bear.


I haven’t use bear nor panda like what u did. U really taught me a lesson. My workflow is Typora from Windows and Mac, only use iOS to view some video lessons so maybe I can try your way next time. Thanks!