Will the new version store its notes in raw markdown?

When I look in the iCloud ‘Panda’ directory, it looks like the files are stored in raw markdown – is that how they’ll be stored in the new version of the app? That would be wonderful.

edit: Sorry, changed the title to make it clearer I’m talking about the new version of the app vs. this beta version, which clearly does store its files in raw markdown.


Hard to say.

Presumably the current release version store notes in a database which isn’t exposed to the user. It would be almost impossible to do this well with an alpha release say maybe don’t get too excited.

I would love to see them do it, however with storing files like this you have issues with loading and updating them individually.

I would love that to!

Plus folders to generally categorize notes within Bear and have the folders/subfolders be reflected in the iCloud Drive structure.

Folders (or notebooks) generally categorize note. A note can only be in one folder. Think about this as the area/project differentiation in many to-do list apps.

Tags work like filters and by that a note, while physically located in a folder can appear in multiple tag-filters. Tags can be used to create cross-folder or -area/project dependencies.

Bumping this!

I love the database way that Bear currently works, with everything organised by tabs. But I really would like the option to also word with external .md files directly too. What’s it going to be? Or both? :slight_smile:

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Hello everyone, there are no plans to change how Bear store data. The beta is just a simple wrapper app to test the new editor :slight_smile: