Query on the whole thing

Sorry I have just started looking at Panda but have to say I just don’t get it. Where are the notes stored. I keep getting to the file browser page and can’t get back - completely lost in the whole thing.

Is this what the new version will be like because if so I don’t think I’d stay it’s too complicated, unlike Bear which is so way to use and looks great

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This whole thing is an alpha test for a new editor. In order to test it, it has some file system functionality. PKM nerds got excited about all the benefits of storing notes as files rather than in a database… 2005 called and wants its college notes hard drive back … anyway it became popular as an idea so now lots of people talk about a panda separate product from bear.

But at its core, the whole point here is to test features of the new editor and see what errors come up, etc.

Now that most of us have been here about 2 years, most people feel they’ve tested enough and mostly whinge about the release date of the integration. Sometimes people pipe in with honey-do requests for their esoteric person note preferences.

Occasionally useful feedback is given to devs about the editor, but for the most part, development on it is mostly done


This might be the best summary ever for this forum :100::100:A++

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Don’t forget there is a forum to search, where there are plenty of answers.