Feature request: filter tags by Focus Mode in iOS 16

Not a high priority at all but something I would love to see in a future version of Bear 2. iOS 16 introduced the ability to set filters in apps depending on the Focus Mode. E.g., you can only show your email account while you’re “work” focus mode is on.

I would love to have that feature in Bear and have the ability to restrict visible tags by Focus Mode (e.g., only show notes tagged with #work while in “work” focus mode.)

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I would prefer the good old workspaces for that :wink:

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One does not preclude the other.

Filtering by tags has the advantage of being more flexible. E.g., what if I do two different things at work and create two different focus modes: let’s say “calls” and “deep work”. Creating two workspaces for those would make zero sense but filtering out different sets of tags would.

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Ah ok, now i see what you mean! I am not sure if that could be useful for me.

Actually i made a request that could achieve the same by placing a popup to the second pane (notes list) that contains the remaining tags for multiple selection. The idea has a totally different background and reasoning. It is an universal feature for many scenarios. Also your usage scenario would also be included fully. See here and tell me what you think in regard to your requested task: here! Don’t be confused about the preliminary consideration there. You can skip it

I like your idea but it’s something else. The filtering I’m talking about works automatically. E.g., the app Agenda already implemented it and you can choose to hide some projects in some focus modes automatically.

Ah ok, i’ve overseen that you are referring to focus mode of iOS.
Actually i would prefer a proper installation of workspaces. Upon that this connection to a special focus mode could be made in the sense that a certain mode opens a certain workspace

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