Feedbacks on code bgcolor, todo menu and numeric list styles

test version 版本2.0 (10084)

Bear2 feedback from Shrektan

2023年1月9日 22:21
#Bear 2/feedback#
版本2.0 (10084)

Sorry that my account is new, so I can’t post with more than two pictures.
So I have to put some source links of my screenshots in raw formats.

Most dark themes can’t display Code clearly

Description and Example

For example, the code import os looks at different dark themes.
It’s challenging to separate the code segment from the normal text.


Dark Graphite



Make the code background color more vivid for dark themes.

The menu “move Completed to button” in the styles bar is always grey

However, the menu on the status bar is usable.

Styles Bar: the move completed to the bottom is always grey

Status Bar: the name is different. Now it’s “Move Done to Bottom.” In addition, it’s not grey.

The numeric list displays precisely the same for different levels. Can it be different?

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Thanks for this, We’ll review the background colors for the next update.

Good catch.

cmark syntax allows expressing numbered lists element as 1. or 1) and the latter can eventually be inserted for when a child list element is created, but we can’t really enforce them before users can manually edit those.