Focus on first note when searching after pressing ENTER

In both Bear 2 and Bear1: After I search for a term (in search bar) and all results appear, when I press ENTER, nothing happens (only the whole search term is highlighted/focused).

Maybe I do not see anything but what is the purpose of ENTER not having here its intended function = go to the first result/note? I have to press arrow down or TAB to go to the first note (which is not so quick and automatic as ENTER).

⮐ is already used to move the focus from the note list to the editor and this happens also when the focus is on the search field. This means that, if we go with your solution, the selection will be moved to the first note of the list only if no notes are selected which will be very odd.

I see. However with no note focused, ENTER then has no function at all (except selecting whole search term). In my opinion, it is more intuitive and I would expect to go somewhere after pressing ENTER, even if it would be either to the editor of currently selected note (if applicable), or in the first note in the notelist (if none selected).

And, if I can be courageous :), I would even say that the same should be applicable e.g. for taglist - when it is focused (focus on particular tag or “Untagged” etc) and I press enter, no action is again done. I would expect pressing enter to be the same as pressing TAB = going to the first filtered note (in notelist). I cannot see here any possible confusion, as it is obvious that from tagpane you usually do not want to go to note editor directly.

(But if ENTER would have ONLY this function (going to note editor), it would be fair that even after pressing ENTER in tagpane, focus should go to the note editor of currently selected note, which is not the case now - ENTER does nothing in that moment) )