Folded sections does not get exported

Testing version: 0.1 (2936)

What were you doing: Export document with folded secrions.

What feature did you use: Any of the Export formats

What happened: Folded sections did not get exported

What did you expect to happen: Folded sections should be expanded by default in exports, but with a switch to keep them folded or not (like for #tags)

We are a little conflicted about the export expectations when comes to folded sections. I’d like to read more feedback from the community before proceeding with expanding or keeping the sections collapsed.

I also think it should be a default behaviour to expand before export.
A checkbox to turn the feature off would be great

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Yes, I agree with @Eleanor (and myself):

In a longer document you may fold sections for clarity during editing, but at export I would like to get all content by default. It’s great that you can export with sections folded also, but I think that should be optional (like if I want to export/print for review of only non folded sections.)

In a longer document it would be very easy to forget to unfold a folded section deep down somewhere , and your export will then not be complete.

That brings us to another request for Bear 2.1:
please add some menu options:

  1. Unfold/Expand All (throughout whole document)
  2. Unfold All below this heading.
  3. Fold All at heading level # (Depending on cursor position in section.

Thank you and keep up the good work,
This latest Panda with search and export is awesome :slight_smile:

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Yes, internally we’re discussing the folding on export and we agree that’s something that should be expanded.

As for more folding features, you can expect them at some point :slight_smile:


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It is also my opinion that export should expand all folders as default.

I have not tested the export with folded sections so far. Is the folded heading exported too? I think it makes sense also to remove the heading itself on export if the option is disabled

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