Font settings for global

Editor in 2.0 is very nice. Is there a plan for font settings:
Font Size: user can set size number or slider to change font size for global.
Font Family: user can select a font-family, support custom font-family for global.
Font color: user can set font color for part of text in a note ( not for global )

I hope the above will come in future.

Yes, this is what we plan to ship. To be precise we’ll allow to set at least 2 font families, 1 for text and 1 for code.

No, the text colors will go along with the selected theme at the moment.

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This may be a pain, but having the option to set those two fonts (text & code), but for each appearance mode (light & dark) would be great as well.

A lot of times the regular font weight is harder for me to read in dark mode than in light mode. In Xcode, for example, I have a light font weight set, but in light mode I have a regular weight set. It’s such a nice thing to be able to do.

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Font situation on iOS has definitely changed in this first beta, some for better, and some worse.

Better: the main font on the list of notes is bigger and MUCH more readable. Thank you! This problem alone kept me from using Bear for many cases because I just couldn’t read the note names on my iPhone.

Worse: the fonts for the notes themselves is way too small - it appears to not be honoring the setting in iOS. I have the font set to maximum and is still quite small. This may well be a bug, as this used to work fine pre-beta install. And this thread seems to imply that this is a known issue and will get better. Just pointing out that as the font is sized for the notes themselves in this first beta, I won’t be able to use the app on iOS. Just too small.

Thanks! I’m most excited about tables, larger font in the notes list, and properly indented bullets!

You are correct, that is coming as soon as we ship the typography preferences on iOS!


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How will we be able to install our custom fonts?
Access to system fonts is surely easier on macOS but what about custom fonts on iOS?
Will we be able to install a font by using drag and drop? Or embed it in CSS?

I cannot tell you how thankful I am that you allow us to use our own custom fonts!

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Prob it is same as downloading custom font for goodnotes etc. meaning need a third party app like ifont.