Large Text on iPhone

After latest TestFlight update, text on iPhone extremely large - does not seem to be a way to manage that?

I‘m also on the latest beta.
It seems like the font size can be adjusted via the native iOS text size settings.

What’s weird is that contrary to your example, in my case the text font size of an opened note is not affected but the font size of the previews.

Changing the native text size has no effect for me, the preview text sizes are “normal” if not a bit on the small end.

Exactly same issue here, on iPad Pro 11 and iPhone 11 Pro.

I complained that the font was too small before – now it’s too big :rofl:

I can live with it on iPad, but I have reverted to the former build on iPhone, and wait until it’s fixed.

Guess Editor settings is just around the corner, since it was released for Mac yesterday with same build number.

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Looks like this wasn’t fix in latest build 10816,
hope to see a fix and update soon, I don’t want to rollback to 10759 again.

But text is really too big now (on iPhone 11 Pro)

Still hoping for edtor typography settings for iOS/iPad soonish :wink:

I can`t see any change at font size on my Ipad. It is still too small.

Hm, maybe different models of iPads show different note text size?

With build 10816 and 10784, on my iPad and iPhone note text displays much bigger that it used to.

  • iPad Pro (11-inch) (2nd generation)
  • iPhone 11 Pro, both running OS 16.3.1


Yes, hope so, too. As I said for IPad 9th generation, there is no change of font size. Nevertheless for me reading text with this small size is difficult.

Huge text size on iOS persists and makes Bear even more unusable… as there does not seem to be many others with this issue perhaps it is device version specific?

Yes, maybe it’s device specific? I have iPad Pro 11 inch 2nd generation. @Wijki Are you also running build 10816 or 10817?

It’s a bit strange, It was too small for me too a couple of builds ago, but with build 10816 and 10784, note text displays got suddenly much bigger on both iPad and iPhone.

On iPad it’s kind of nice, because I also had problems with the tiny font in the earlier builds. But now it’s too big on iPhone.

So, from too small to too big :joy:

Let’s hope editor settings is coming for iOS/iPad this week… @trix180 ?

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I believe reinstalling the TestFlight would reset the font sizes and line heights that are quite large

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Reinstalling TestFlight didn’t work, but a clean reinstall of Bear 2.0 (10817) fixed the problem, guess that’s what you meant. Thank you very much :blush:

But now the text is too small again – :rofl:

Yeah sorry about that — meant reinstalling the build :grimacing: hopefully it wasn’t too much damage caused by wiping TestFlight itself

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No, wiping TestFligh was no big deal at all, and thank you for the tip :sunglasses:

Yes, thanks. Reinstalling did the trick. I was a bit nervous about loosing access through TestFlight but it worked fine.