French translation needs improvement

Here are some problems I encountered in the French translation, and the suggested fixes:

  • the Close menu item in the File menu shouldn’t say Ferme but Fermer
  • the Edit menu shouldn’t say Modifie but Édition
  • the Back and Forward menu items for note navigation shouldn’t say Retour and Transférer but Précédent and Suivant (resp.)
  • the Header popup button item in the General preferences tab (Create new notes with:) shouldn’t say Entête but En-tête
  • the Toggle Folding menu item is translated as Activer/désactiver le repli, but a better phrasing would be Replier/déplier

Thank you very much for your translation feedback.

Do you think the same reasoning applies to everywhere we use Activer/désactiver?
For example, Activer/désactiver la case à cocher sounds better if we turn it into Replier/déplier la case à cocher ?

I couldn’t find that text in my version of Bear. Without the full context I couldn’t say.

In the case of “Toggle Folding”, the reasoning was that “Activer/désactiver” lets you think that you’re enabling/disabling a particular feature, instead of changing a state.

I just noticed that string is no longer used in Bear 2. I have found another example.

As it can be seen as enabling or disabling the navigation feature, the translation is OK here, although not very “macOS standards compliant”.

But I’m wondering if it really says what it does: even though the History Navigation is toggled off, I can still use the Back/Forward commands (through the menu items or keyboard shortcuts). And because they don’t impede anything else, it would be infuriating if I couldn’t use them!
In fact, what I guess this command does is just toggle the visible status of the two Previous/Next buttons on the toolbar, and nothing else. So here, a better way to phrase this would be Afficher/masquer les boutons de navigation.

Or even more macOS-y, Afficher les boutons de navigation only, and turn it into Masquer les boutons de navigation depending on current state (as seen, for instance, in many Apple apps like the Finder, often in the View menu). But this requires more effort than a simple .strings file edit :slight_smile:.

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This is not that hard but I don’t know if makes sense for every language and I’d avoid custom localisations. I’d go with Afficher/masquer les boutons de navigation .

Again thank you very much. If any other improvements come to mind feel free to add those to this thread.