Mistranslations in Japanese

Testing version:
11413 on Mac
What happened:

  1. “File” on the menubar should be “ファイル” (not ファイルを挿入, which means “insert a file”)

  2. In “General” tab in the settings window,
    “Autocomplete wiki link and …” is translated to “オート、Wikiリンク、絵文字” but this makes no sense. It should be like “Wikiリンクと絵文字を自動補完する”

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I have same issue in Chinese,should be “文件”(file), not “插入文件”(insert the file)

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Thanks for the localisations feedback. Your suggestions will be added with the next update.


Thank you for quick response.
The latest beta(11502) “File” menu is translated to “ファイ” (“Fi”).
yes, It’s getting closer. but it should be “ファイル”.

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My bad, thanks for the follow up.