Incorrect Chinese Translation of Editing Menu

Testing version:
2.1 (12273), macOS 14.1.2 (23B92)
What were you doing:
Right click on the text/image
What feature did you use:
The right-click menu
What happened:
Wrong translations of one menu item. See the first picture below, in English environment. For this “Note From Selection”, a proper (but verbose) translation into Chinese should be something like “以选中部分创建笔记”。

But in Chinese environment, the actual translation is “选择说明”, which translate back to English literally as “Select the note”.

The same item appears in the right-click menu for images. Unfortunately I can only attach 2 images.
What did you expect to happen:
Correct translation.


Good catch, we will fix it in the next update. Thank you 谢谢! :bear::heart: