Bear 2 beta mini update (9933)

Hello everybody, we have a mini update to release 9916.

The autocomplete panels are now wider to accommodate more of the note titles. To facilitate the insertion of aliases, the wiki link panel now handles the alias separator character |. This, when the panel is displayed, generates a link to a note or a header ending with | (e.g. [[notetitle|]] ) with the caret placed before ]].

This update also fixes a couple of migration issues concerning lists and some parsing errors.

As usual, you can check the update via Bear > Check for Updates

Thanks for all the feedback.


So what do we need to do to test this? From the video, it’s not clear to me what buttons were actually pressed.

The button I’m pressing is | and with the exception of the wiki panel you can test the same features of 9916

Can’t seem to get the alias to work like how you did it in the video.

When I select the note title in the panel, it closes the wiki link with ] ].

I also tried typing [ [Partial note title and use the arrow key to select the note to link to, then I tried to press | but that gives me [ [ Partial note title|

Neither / nor | works for auto completion with US keyboard

/ works as intended with Italian keyboard (but could not find | on the :it: keyboard)

After typing “/” i can choose some heading. But after typing"|" no header is taken over: i end up with “/|”. Am i doing something wrong or does it not work with my german keyboard like intended? The video confuses me. I only can type in alias by going back into already existing wiki link

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Although US keyboard layout does not work,
Norwegian keyboard layout works with / (shift 7),
but | (option 7) does NOT auto complete with Norwegian either.

Your video demo looks great, but I think we need another mini update to make it work for all international keyboard layouts.

Yeah same with Finnish/Swedish layout: [[notetitle then press / and you can pick a heading like in the video, but pressing | just ends up with [[notetitle/heading| and no wikilink is created. The keyboard shortcuts are the same as in Norwegian.

Exactly. Doesn’t work with either of the keyboard layouts I’m using (Polish, English, German).

Apologies, there must be something wrong with the keycode detection of | . We’ll provide an update as soon as possible.


Love the quality of life improvements for note linking! But… may I request an even wider pop-up for links?

If you use UIDs in note titles, it’s better, but still too small to work well.

I think it was Andy Matuschak who asked for double lines. While i believe that double lines as standard are not a good idea in terms of ui, i also think that a key modifier for switching to double lines in special scenarios may be a good solution. You only see double lines while using the modifier

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The wider autocomplete dialog is a real improvement; thanks. I do still find myself wishing it were wider in practice—it still feels needlessly difficult (though less so!) to discriminate my notes here.

Just riffing, in case it’s helpful: my impulse would be to make the autocomplete dialog match the editor’s line width, perhaps minus some padding. No need for double lines, I think!

Bear 1:

Bear 2:

(incidentally, looking at this comparison, it strikes me that the h1 line height in Bear 2 seems far too high…)

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Double line is something we want to avoid as much as possible, but we have other solutions in mind!

I was thinking about that, but having a huge empty bar (like for tags/emoji/languages) doesn’t looks good. I think we’ll spend some more time on that making the width dynamic depending on the content :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the feedback, having people engaging with us during the design/develop phase really help in polishing the app!


Neither / nor | works for auto completion with US keyboard

@roar @gnome.irdan @andymatuschak @krssno @KillerWhale

Please check the last update (9969). / and | should now work with every keyboard layout and the autocomplete panels’ width expands more if necessary.


Yep, works now. :smiley:

Also, love the dynamic width changes for the autocomplete panel. You made it feel elegant and unobtrusive.

EDIT: while testing it, I discovered something that bothers me, though. I selected a wikilink (say: [[wikilink]], and wanted to erase it and start writing a new wikilink, so I typed an opening square bracket. What I expected to happen was for the previous text to disappear in favor of a single bracket. What happened instead is that double brackets got changed to single brackets. That’s how I learned Bear had bracket autocompletion. :slight_smile:

For the record, this is inconsistent with how all other apps do it: repeatedly pressing a bracket in other apps like iA Writer or Logseq keeps adding brackets instead of a cycle of adding/removing a single bracket. It makes adding WikiLinks easy and is more intuitive to me. Would you consider changing that behavior to be more in line with other apps?

everything works fine now :+1:

I agree. Obsidian also keeps adding brackets.

Here another point which perhaps just me feel inconvenient: after reaching the end of title inside of the wiki link i have to escape out of the brackets either by mouse/trackpad or by hitting two times right arrow on keyboard. It feels so natural for me just to hit enter to escape out of the brackets

Oh yes, that was really old code :rofl: I’ve updated it to keep adding brackets, it should be working as you want in the next version.

We’re already doing it for other inlines (bold, emphasis, etc…), but the wiki-link was missing, next version will have it!