Front Matter - Querying

I can see front matter in the Bear 2.0!

Now I want to query it - either via search bar or via X-Callback-URLs…

Is that possible?

To be a bit more clear:
I want to be able to query “only front matter” - That means I want to query for front matter property values, and I don’t want that front matter search to be ‘polluted’ with maybe that same text in the content of a note.

At the moment we have not considered a YAML-only advanced search. I’m curious about your use case, meaning how you use the front matter and why you want a search its properties only.

I’d like to use front matter to accurately identify metadata about my notes.
For example, I’d like to use front matter to find notes I identify as ‘public’ so that I can automatically pull copies of those notes and publish on the web. There are other ways to do it (like maybe via tag) but using front matter metadata would be very precise.
Another scenario might be to use Bear to create Anki cards, again setting metadata to trigger an automated process that can grab and parse notes containing an Anki question and answer…

Just examples, but potentially very powerful.