Generating flashcards with spaced repetition algorithm from toggles

Due to the nice toggle features, it would be nice that toggles could be transformed into flashcards, like in Remnote. It would just be a more pleasing way to actively recall the notes you have taken. There are only two things, having to be done: 1.The Design, how the flashcards should look like and
2. The spaced repetition algorithm has to be implemented, which also shouldn’t be that difficult.

→ This way of learning would be great especially for students and for people, who want to remember their notes even better than with toggles

Although it very might be a useful feature, I don’t personally see Bear going to this direction at all. Anything in this type of direction I believe should be done through plugin systems, that is, I don’t know if the development team would consider it.

Thinking about it though, if Bear has thoughts on evolving their app to do math equation rendering, backlinks, flashcards and those sorts, plugins would be a very good idea. I am no developer, so have no idea it is doable in a native app that syncs across devices as well.

all the questions…:thinking:

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I second eleanor, i don’t see the developers doing this, and don’t blame them. As a very heavy anki user, and as someone who also used bear during study for board exams, I’m fairly opposed to this. If anything, a better request would be for anki to have wiki links to other notes (but they are opposed to that for reasons outlined in their documentation).

It is fairly easy to automate making an anki deck if you are so inclined. For instance, you could go through your bear notes and find H1 tags to turn into the front of cards and text immediately below to be the back of cards.

No offense, this just seems like a very niche feature request that isn’t nearly as robust or applicable to a broader user base.