Spaced repetition

Hello there. Please add spaced repetition feature to your fantastic app.

We need to be able to review our selected notes at different intervals so that we don’t forget them

This feature can be like reviewing flashcards in Anki and managed by tags, tables, etc.

Storing a large amount of information without the possibility of checking and browsing easily and without a proper system can cause confusion and difficulty in accessing them


I’m not familiar with the concept of spaced repetition. Sounds like something you can do with Shortcuts but please tell me more about what you are trying to achieve.

Reviewing notes at different time intervals

For example, when we specify that a note is reviewd by this system, a section will be created by a tag or folder in the sidebar that displays the number of notes that have been added to this system and waiting to be reviewd.

When we refer to this section to review notes, there will be options in the form of buttons to specify when the next review will occur.

For example:

Repeat again

1 day

3 days

7 days

Of course, these repetitions must be based on the Spaced Repetition system or the Leitner system

After we review the note and choose for example to show in 3 days, that note will be hidden from that section and show in next 3 days.

It’s better to watch a video on YouTube about Anki and the Lightner system.

I see. I don’t think there’s a way to easily achieve this with Shortcuts because requires data to be saved somewhere.

According to your description, this requires a dedicated UI, and maybe the whole app has to be structured around that, so I don’t think Bear is the right tool.

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