Hide parts of the text for studying


I’m trying to use the bear app for study as well, but I feel I miss a hidden tool so I can actively recall important parts of the text that I marked on.

I think it would be “easily” solved if we could hide all highlighted parts and show it only with a tap. That would make study so much enjoyable.

Maybe it is not the right app to do it, but out of convenience, I ask for this feature. I’d also be glad to hear other ways of studying with the bear app.


in panda, the new editor that will be merged into bear after its finalisation, you can put content into a bullet list and fold its parent bullet. to see the hidden content you just have to unfold the bullet. does that help?

That does help, but it is not practical as it is not very versatile. I’d rather have the old hightlight syntax or something similar.

I wanted to have it hidden by default:

And when I tap on it to confirm my answer, it should show the hidden text (1 at a time)

I’m not sure if it need to wait to Panda to came out! I think it is just a matter of presentation; unless they are going to introduce a new operator for that.

Hi there,

The closest thing we have available in Panda (which will then be implemented into Bear) is the folding feature mentioned below by another user.

We thank you for the suggestion.

However, as it is a niche request at the moment and our current design of folding is available, this may not be something we implement in Bear going forward.

I’ll pass it onto the designer and the development team to have a think about.

For cloze deletions, you may want to consider a tool specifically built for that - like Anki. You could even link your Bear note to the Anki card (Anki web). Or, if you really want to keep it all in Bear, then link your cloze deletion to a Bear open-note callback (/open-note | X-Callback-URL API Actions Builder | Bear App). Or simply double-bracket link the answer and open with a shift-click.

While only priceless when using it on mac, i recommend mochi app for learning with cards and hidden content. Anki is a horrible app in terms of design, usability and friendliness

Just for reference, Mochi uses {{curly bracket}} for cloze deletion.