Hookmark link not pasted markdown style (as in Bear 1.0)

Testing version: Version 2.0 (9929)

What were you doing: Pasting a hookmark generated link (in this case pointing to a specific email) into a Bear 2.0 note

What feature did you use: https://hookproductivity.com - ability to generate hook - scheme links to point out specific files or documents (eg. hook://email/555BB70B-A233-4C81-8528-696A1A3C4A17%40geo.hu-berlin.de)

What happened: The link becomes pasted but not recognized as a hookmark email link as in Bear 1.0

What did you expect to happen: A markdown formatted link in the form of [Email subject](hook://email/555BB70B-A233-4C81-8528-696A1A3C4A17%40geo.hu-berlin.de) as in Bear 1.0.

I’m in touch with Hook developers and I’ll check with them if it’s possible to handle their links in an external pasteboard.