Horizontal Line / Separator

Not a bug technically, but maybe functionally.

Seems to me a horizontal line is a separator and not actually part of any text/attachment that precedes or follows it. That horizontal lines are treated as text when folding seems problematic.

The only way I have found to have the line not fold with the text preceding it is to add a blank line with a new header above the horizontal line. Not ideal.

As a suggestion, I would like to see the presence of a horizontal line as the endpoint of a fold of everything just above it…leaving the line itself visible.


+1 to separator acting as a separator for toggle.

Hi, right now by limiting folding to headers and sub-lists we also limit the range of the hiding areas. This limitation allows us to make assumptions on the first line and where we can safely place the expansion button. We can’t make the same assumptions on the line separator or not in the same way we do for the rest.

I’m afraid the workaround you suggested is pretty much the only one possible at the moment.

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