How do the backlinks work?

Hello everyone,

This forum is a goldmine and I love reading it, which is why I signed up. I’ve started setting up my “second brain” on Bear and I don’t regret it at all…

However, I have an issue with backlinks. I understand that there are several ways to create them. The backlinks panel shows the possible occurrences to create in my notes, which is great, but I can’t find the quick action button to automatically create the backlink with one click. I have to go to the place in my note and create it manually each time. It’s complicated and I saw in the screenshot attached that there seems to be a way to do it, so I don’t understand how to make it work.

If a kind soul could help me out, that would be great,
Thanks everyone :slight_smile:


the screenshot is an early mockup of the backlinks panel and the button was supposed to create a wiki link from an unlinked mention but we decided this functionality felt unnecessary and cluttering.
I’m afraid currently the only way to add a backlink is to add a wiki link in another note.

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I found that feature quite interesting and I will have to lose some time creating a wiki link in each note.

Thanks for your support,