I cannot create custom keyboard shortcut for specific two menu items (using foreign keyboard layout)

Testing version: 2.0 (10816) but I believe the same was problem with first 2.0 versions, even with last 1.0 version.

What were you doing: I was trying to create custom keyboard shortcut for specific menu items View->Show Notes and Editor and View->Show Tags, Notes and Editor (using Mac Settings - Keyboard - App Shorcuts).

  • When I try to do it, random keyboard shortcut seems to be assigned (or a shortcut which I tried previously - I am not sure if it is completely random or with some shortcut previously stored in the memory, however even after restarting the app/computer it does not work and new shortcut is not assigned)
  • I am using foreign (Czech) keyboard layout. When I switch to English (US) layout, I am able to create shortcut without problem
  • It seems to be an issue only with those two items. I did not try all of the rest, but for many other menu items (I change shortcuts quite often) custom keyboard shortcut can be changed without a problem, even for View->Show Editor only. My wild guess is if it cannot be a problem that one item consists of the very same words as the other one? (Show <Tags,> Notes and Editor)?


I wonder if this has to do with the keyboard layout. Any keystroke doesn’t work or just specific ones? If this is the case maybe there are layout-specific keystrokes that prevent the shortcut to work.

Any keystroke combination. Even the combination of keys which are in the same location in both US and Czech layout (say cmd-L). In US layout, I can assign it and it works. When switching to Czech layout, I cannot either assign it, or even use the previously assigned (by US layout) key combo.