Impossible to duplicate document using File->Duplicate menu item

Testing version:
Panda 1.0 (415), Catalina 10.15.4
What were you doing:
Launch Panda
Create new Document
Press Shift+Cmd+s (Duplicate)
There is an error:

The same happens if you save document before trying to duplicate it.

Hello again!

This seems to be related to your other problem Panda 1.0 (415): markdown saving bug?

My guess is that for some reasons the file extension (.md) is being stripped when you save the file, that would explain both of the problems.

I wasn’t able to reproduce any of the two, but I’m looking around for a solution.


Not sure these two issues are related.

  1. Nothing is/was saved in this example. New document was created, the Duplicate command was applied to document, which was never saved.
  2. Panda 1.0 (415): markdown saving bug? - nothing changes if I manually add .md extension when saving file: there is still the same error.