Improper resizing with window merge (into tabs)

Desktop app: Version 1.0 (2343)

Steps to reproduce:

Open two or more notes in a tab structure and re-size the window larger than the very small default Panda open size (at least on standard iMac monitor).

Then open or create another note in its own window (which, by default, is quite small).

In the menu, select Window > Merge All Windows

While the “singlet” window does properly merge into the tab group, the tab group window resizes to the tiny “singlet” size.

I would have expected the opposite - that the “main” tab structure window would retain its size.

Hi Anthony,

Regarding the above noted behaviour, it is system defined.

We haven’t prioritised investigating and fixing it as we’re going to be moving everything into Bear.

Thank you @TedwardBear - makes perfect sense. Follow-on question if I may: will Panda continue to be available as a standalone editor after its integration into Bear (even if unsupported)? I’ve grown quite fond of using Panda for editing ALL markdown files - it is such a beautiful design and the writing experience simply superb. Thank you very much.

Hi Anthony,

No problem at all, happy to help!

Regarding the follow-on question, Panda was initially just meant to be a throwaway tester for the new Editor for Bear.

However, due to customer feedback we are now thinking about possibly also having Panda as a standalone Editor after it’s added into Bear.

Our priority at the moment is to complete and implement our new Editor for Bear. Everything else will be re-evaluated after the new Editor is released but hoping this explanation helps!

Thank you for the info Tedward - much appreciated.

+1 from me for Panda as a standalone editor! I’d happily pay.

And for those of us currently enmeshed with Panda - please don’t disable the existing Panda app once Bear integration is complete. Crying pandas are not a pretty sight :cry:

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No problem at all Anthony, always happy to help and provide info!