In-note search highlights turn off much too quickly

Testing version: Version 2.0 (9695)

What were you doing: Search for a term and jump from one term to the other with the arrows. This is a UI issue.

What feature did you use: In-note search and the forward/backward arrows with a folded paragraph opened after the search term is found in multiple sentences.

What happened: Only when a found term was also in the folded para, this happens: for each instance after the ones inside the previously folded area, the yellow highlight briefly glows, then turns grey again. However, the highlight stays “on” for such a short period of time, it’s hard to see where the next instance is, especially if it’s only a few characters. The grey “after-highlight” is so faint it’s equally hard to see.

What did you expect to happen: the yellow highlight to be on for a bit longer or the grey after-highlight to be more outspoken.

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we received other complains about the search highlight grey color, can you please tell me which theme are you using?

I was using Panic mode and afterwards another theme, also dark but can’t remember which that was :slight_smile:

Thanks. Themes are not final at the moment and many have issues with secondary and tertiary background color (the inactive search color). We delayed theme fixing after iOS release because more issues might emerge but we will fix contrasts.