In note search - images

Testing version: Version 2.0 (9780)

What were you doing: In-note search testing

What feature did you use: image search

What happened: fails to find vertical text (text which is found every time in Photos). Does very well on horizontal text.

What did you expect to happen: expected would find any image text that the system does

Hi Steve,

do you mind sending an example of image not behaving as expected?

Thanks for reporting this issue.

The Bear search recognized most of the words that the system did (preview-text) with the exception of words on a curved surface or words which are vertically oriented. These are two examples of the misses. The Bear search shows the search window.


I have tested Bear with your screenshots and I do the vertical matches highlighted as expected. Do you mind sending the original images for testing? Also, please tell which macOS release you are running.

Best Regards.


I’ve sent the original photos to support, (Customer Support. Contact Us For Help or Information | Bear App), with a link back to this the post.

MacOS is Ventura 13.0 on M1MacBook Pro (2021).


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Understanding you couldn’t recreate, I have updated to version Version 2.0 (9803). Bear is now capturing all text captured by the system, including the vertical text.

Still, MacBook Pro M1 running Ventura 13.0.

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Ventura 13.1, Bear Version 2.0 (10084)

For what it’s worth: this evening I went back and retested all of the photos that Bear was struggling with.

A+ - ALL searches were successful.

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