Indentation of selection

Testing version: 0.1

What were you doing:
I wanted to change indent level of few bullets

What feature did you use:
In old Bear you can select multiple lines of text and then change the indentation of their lines.

What happened:
Greyed out option for indentation change.

What did you expect to happen:
A way to change indentation level of block of texts.


Yes, this will be part of one of the next beta updates.


Did this feature not get implemented?

Being able to alter indentation is really important for the way I organize outlines. It’s a strict regression from Bear 1 in the beta to not have menu commands (and keybindings) to do this.

As far as I can tell the above works. Mind you can no longer indent first-level list element because they are not valid markdown lists if they do not start at the beginning of the line.

Thank you, I got it working – I was experiencing the limitation with first-level indent that you mention, and it made me think the keybinding or feature was broken somehow.