Decrease Indent in Checkbox List

When creating a To-Do/checklist, I usually need to re-adjust the indentation of an item. In most editors, they usually provide a “decrease indent” button or keyboard shortcut to decrease the indentation of an item. This actually works fine in Bear by pressing SHIFT+TAB in a bulleted list, but does nothing in a checkbox list.

Is this possible in Bear Beta? I can’t seem to figure out how to do this with checkboxes.

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Hello, ⇧⇥ works on Bear 2 checkboxes but should work in Bear 1 too. Can you please tell me more about the problem you are experiencing?

I’m on Bear Beta and although I can outdent one time for an item, I cannot outdent more than one time.

For instance, I am able to move “Three” back one time, to be at the same indent as “Two”, but I cannot press ⇧⇥ again to be at the same indent as “One.”

  • One
    • Two
      • Three

Using a bulleted list in Bear, I am able to outdent more than once.

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Is there any progress/update on this?