Info Column not opening - 14" screen

Testing version: Version 2.0 (10084)

What were you doing: The info column always opens as a pop-up window on my 14" MacBook Pro M1 despite various window adjustments including closing both notes and tags views.

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Yeah I noticed the same behavior on my 13.3" M1 Air and can’t find a window setup where the column would appear. Not even setting the display scaling to the one with more space helps.

Have you read the new beta notes when it got released? I overlooked it too, but it says the Info column isn’t implemented yet.

The current beta doesn’t include the 4° column because we struggled to find a design that works with the editor (and the rest of Bear). Luckily we found a good solution.

Oh, right. I did read it but apparently missed this detail. Thanks.

I would like to congratulate the team for the excellent work on the 2.0 flight test version. I especially like the neat integration of footnotes.

I expected this version to come with the 4º column for file statistics, toc, and backlinks. Personally, I find it’s a more organized and clutter-free way of presenting this information and with the correct font size and background colour it’s not a problem to keep a well-structured visual hierarchy. Is it still under development or have you decided not to move forward with it?


It’s still under development.

From other posts, I understand the info column is needed on iPadOS because it’s the only way the panel will stay open. What’s the use case for this on macOS?

(correction) In my opinion it would result in a less cluttered interface and possibly a more fluid interface. It’s not rare to be working with multiple separate floating windows so the way I see this is that further floating elements, in this case a secondary table, should be avoided. One possible integration would be to have the references on the bottom of the page, something I prefer if a certain content relies heavily on references, and the other, probably the one that suits best most user preferences, on a parallel list. This is how I personally believe it would be the most seamless.

So, you’re simultaneously writing multiple notes for which you require all info columns to be persistently open for each open note?

Like this below, but with the sidebar integrated into the UI?

OK, I’m going to bet the vast majority of people who use Bear don’t have this writing “requirement”. I’m not convinced that most (or even many) people need to simultaneously see (in this example) EIGHT columns of text.

Might there be another, more realistic use case that I’m missing here?

no, that doesn’t represent my work with bear but to a certain extent I can take your screenshot as a design stress test for the current implementation of the info column if you try to move them and jump between a browser and a pdf reader. empirically, the more windows you have to align less seamless the experience is going to be. isolated floating writing windows can be really useful in a multimodal interface, but with that comes the challenge to manage child windows without creating clutter. that said, the current info column is well designed as it is (doesn’t create tension with the writing window nor is too distracting) but it doesn’t seem to me to be the ideal approach to show the present information.

Like this?

I don’t see how this requires an embedded column. Adding a browser window doesn’t justify it either.

In any case, I think it’s important to document actual problems solved by implementing this info column feature. This can help answer other users’ questions about the feature. Questions like, “Who is this for?”

When requiring multiple windows or apps to be open and viewed simultaneously, at what point do you choose to do what every other person does and use a separate monitor or desktop?