Implementation of the right side panel in Bear Notes

I would like to see Bear Notes implement a right-side panel similar to Panda, including information and backlinks etc.


I must say, I love the stats “panel” (really more of a pop-up) in Bear but I’ve never understood why it couldn’t be a proper side panel that actually stays there while you’re typing.

The discussion here may answer your question

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OMG. You can pop it out by dragging. I had no idea.

Thank you for point me to team explanation.

I understand the reasoning behind the info column concept, but it seems there have been reconsiderations since the implementation in Panda. Therefore, I was wondering if, by 2024, it could become a configurable option for those who believe a third side panel offers a more suitable layout.


Agreed this would be the best. I like that I can rip it have it as a floating window but I’d rather have the option as a third column.

The best would be an option to have the option to have the backlinks, well organized, at the bottom of a page like Craft.

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