[iOS/iPadOS] Question on the info panel

The current Bear design of the info panel is a sidebar where you access it through the button or swipe from the right. The new panda has a design as a pop-up style, where the panel is only accessible through the button at the top. Personally, in all aesthetics, functionality and reachability, I prefer the design of Bear. I wonder if the pop-up style will be integrated into Bear, or if it is just for the sake of the testing purposes. Thank you.

Hi there,

As Panda is for testing purposes, nothing is set in stone just yet.

The information panel has been redesigned, and this new version is the current route we’re going in at the moment.

But having said that, we still really value our users input, we weigh up every comment we see coming in and discuss them within the team. It helps us with our overall decision making moving forward.

Therefore, thank you for your feedback. I’ll pass it onto the team.