iOS: Swipe left in editor to open info panel

Now that I’ve got sync, I’m finally able to really put Bear 2 through its paces.

One thing I immediately realized I was “missing” in iOS was the ability to get to the info panel by one finger swiping left in the editor. It feels incredibly natural (just as natural as it is to swipe right to get back to the note or tag lists), so hopefully this is coming in an update.

Anyway, I think adding this swipe will really skyrocket the usefulness of the info panel, whereas keeping it “hidden” under the “i” icon in the upper right corner of the app does this amazing functionality a disservice.


Yes I feel the same about the swipe left to open info panel. Tapping the icon is not bad but just not as easy to use as the swipe left.

However the new info panel is on the bottom, swipe left to open the info panel on the bottom doesn’t sound right, but I don’t have a good solution unfortunately :frowning:

Yeah that’s a good point. I’m pretty sure the first version of the beta it was up top but I could totally be wrong about that.

Either way, what I was hoping for is a new column that slides out, not an overlay panel like what we’ve got now. I don’t think I made that clear in my post :man_facepalming: Don’t get be wrong though—my main desire is having the swipe added!

I’ll add my vote to this feature. A slide out panel for info, ToC, and back links would be amazing.

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Yes, we plan to bring back swipe left for opening the info panel.