Inheriting Labels for New Nodes

When creating a new note from an existing labeled note, it should automatically inherit the same label.

I see some problems here, first of all that someone doesn’t wants to take over the same tag for the new note. Furthermore: the text can contain more than one tag. How to know which tags should be taken over and which not? Do you really always want to take over aal the tags from current note when ceating one or even more wiki-links. Another point: Should the tags also be transferred to linked note when adding a wikilink to a note that already exist? Can i remove a tag in a linked note without that tag also being removed in the note that holds a wikilink to that note. And so on. A seemingly small feature can cause a high level of complexity with unexpected behaviour for many users. I gues the best is still to create the note and to add the tag manually

The feature request is simple: new note creation from within an existing labeled note should inherit all the labels. Linking or any other manner of creation should not. Everything else is unchanged.

No need to be patronizing, @krssno. Invest some of the energy for saying “no” to thinking “why yes”, or at least ask in a constructive way. Good luck!

I am not patronizing :wink: I just pointed to the fact that it is not that easy as you seem to think. For example:

Not all tags/labels are related to the whole note. You can tag everything everywhere: A daily note could hold a tag for a person or a project too. So they would also be taken over. In that context it is reasonable to ask: where is the benefit to save a manual writing of a tag just to receive the work to remove another one manually. In your special context for sure everything will be fine. However in other user sceanrios would cause - that was my main argument - confusion and extra work to edit new note. I absolutely can understand why you want that: i also often enough link to new notes in the same “space” but often enough i link to another “space”. Believe me; try to live with simplicity and you will find your peace. :slight_smile:

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