iOS Share Sheet Should Be Updated

On iOS 16.5, Bear 2.0 11504.
The Share sheet extension (in this particular instance, when sharing from Safari to Bear) has a few notable issues:

  • It looks like the UI/experience hasn’t been updated since pre v2 Bear
  • When typing in the content window, there’s no way to hide the keyboard to get to the “start of…” and “end of…” buttons. If you want to add content, it has to be added as a new note.
  • The theme of the modal doesn’t match the theme of the app or system
  • it’s tiny!

Lots of love for this app, and it would be a shame to see the share sheet go under the radar for updates. Thank you Devs for all your hard work!


I think a drop-down box for the choices of how to save the content you’re trying to share would be a better idea. The text inside each button is truncated in the middle and so I have no idea what each of the buttons actually do. Using a drop down box means the text could be longer, even on a phone.

I always select the full text of every page I share in Bear, so I have to scroll the buttons all the way over to the right hand side and then tap the entire webpage content button.

For that matter, it would be nice to be able to re-order the buttons so that, in my instance, the first button would be for “full webpage capture” instead of being the last choice.

Yes, We do think the Share Sheet requires a re-design and possibly being re-done from scratch. We also want to take it to Mac but we can’t work on this before 2.0 release because needs some time we don’t have at the moment.


+1 on share sheet improvement. Can you also add a search feature so I can easily find the note I want to append? For example - I have a note that I keep memorable quotes that I’d like to keep appending. It would be nice I could search for this note in the share sheet - like I can in apple notes.