Share sheet “Start of/End of” not working

Testing version:
What were you doing:
Adding image to an existing note
What feature did you use:
Share sheet, Bear, Start of/End of buttons
What happened:
When either Start of/End of buttons are selected nothing happens at all
What did you expect to happen:
A list of existing notes to be brought up which I can select from.

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I have the exact same issue.
I attempted to save a Titled Link into an existing note in Safari using the Share Sheet. When I clicked on “End of”, the share sheet goes away and the Link is not saved.

I’m glad it’s not just me. It appears the share sheet also can’t cope with sharing a picture or PDF to Bear. I wasn’t able to test the beta but I would be interested if any testers had this issue and reported it?

We have a patch ready for this bug. Unfortunately, we got into some App Store review issues yesterday but hopefully, the update will be available in a few hours.


Excellent, thank you. V2.0.1 has just arrived on my iPhone and I can confirm the share sheet issue is resolved. Happy Bear user


That’s awesome! Can’t wait for new version to be released !

I forgot to mention you probably need to force the update by visiting Bear’s App Store page.