iOS share sheet adding image URL to note, not an image

Testing version: 2.0 (10817)

What were you doing: Sending image from web via iOS share sheet to Bear

What feature did you use: iOS share sheet > clicked Bear icon > add to end of note

What happened: I get the image URL in the note rather than the image. Choosing “copy” from the same share sheet then navigating manually to Bear and pasting into the note adds the image as expected.

What did you expect to happen: in Bear 1.0 sharing an image from the web (not a page - the actual image) would drop the image into the note.

Maybe I’m missing something but If I select the option on the top the sharing extension I get the image not the link.

Apologies - I tried again and it seems the issue is only when I long-press the image and share from the contextual menu that appears on the image (see gif).

The browser share button does offer Image as an option in the Bear mini window.

Got it but, are you sure Bear 1 used to behave in a different way? If I share to Notes I got only the URL.

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