Share files on iOS/IpadOS

Testing version: Bear 2 (11706)

What were you doing: Using the share function on on iOS/Ipad OS to send pdfs/excel files to Bear

What happened: The Bear window appears for a couple of seconds and disappears. No files appear in Bear

What did you expect to happen: In Apps like Apple Notes and Todoist, files shared to those apps are attached to a new note/task

Am I doing something wrong? I would like to be able to add files to Bear using the share icons on iOS and IpadOS.

In the meantime you can go to a current note, and use this button to insert a file:

I got the same bug on my iPhone, it used to work well with the beta, but now sharing pdfs to Bear doesn’t work at all …

I have this same issue. Was the issue present in the last beta? I would have expected this to have been a red light for public release of V.2.

I’m almost sure this wasn’t an issue in the last beta, so my guess is that’s something to do with different signatures on betas and AppStore versions, or something like that.

Hope a fix for this is also in the pipeline for the next AppStore 2.02 update.

Both the 2.01 beta and 2.0 release had the backlink crashes with the welcome notes, so I’m sure they’ll publish a fix for that as well asap.

Fingers crossed that an update goes through pronto

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Hello, this bug should be fixed with the most recent Bear update.


Yes, I just tried it, and it works perfectly for me.