Is it possible to export attachments in iPad/iPhone like on Mac?

On Bear it is convenient to export different formats like PDF, text files, markdown… with attachments so that I can easily upload attachments to some services like Squarespace. However on iPhone and Mac versions, I can only export the note file itself (say text files itself without images) so that if I need to upload images to Squarespace, I have to drag and drop / copy and paste one by one of them to Files app because sometimes I will need to use my iPad to publish articles.

Is it possible to do the same as on Mac? Because Apple Notes can do on iPhone and iPad. If not, will Bear bring the same functionality as on Mac? Thanks!

Yes. Long press then export or three dots in notes then export

I mean not only pdf but also the attachments. Say a note contains 3 images and a Word file. An export should include a note itself, with the files above as I mentioned which are separated from the note.

On iPad and iPhone I can’t do this, these attachments are still in the note.

You would need to export as Markdown or Textbundle to capture the attachments in the export. If the app you are going to import the note into accepts Textbundle, that is the better option in my experience.

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Yes, that’s true, on iOS/iPad the checkbox we have on Mac is missing:

Would be nice if this came as an option on iPad/iOS as well.

I made a quick Shortcut that export as Markdown with all attachments and works on iOS, iPad and Mac.

Install Shortcut: Bear Export with Attachments | Shortcuts

On iPad/iOS run this shortcut with Share from Bear editor trippe dot meny …

Hey Alvin, we didn’t add it to iOS due to some iOS limitations and it might cause some other issues regarding sharing features. We will look into it and see if there’s something we could do! Will let you all know! :raised_hands:

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