Keyboard and formatting

I like the markdown keyboard, but it’s awkward to use with items you have to press and hold. It also buries the markdown multiple taps away.

Pressing and holding slows me down because there’s a built in delay.

I’ll use the H1 key as an example.

To make H1, H2, H3 headers, I must press and hold, then pick the option I want. I only have maybe one H1 header in a document. The title. The rest of my headers get progressively smaller. I think that’s the typical use case.

Tapping the H1 key toggles the markdown on and off. I think it would be better if I could tap it multiple times to cycle through the header options. So let’s say I’m making a H3 header for a section of my document. I Tap the H1 key and get the H1 header. But I don’t want that. So I should be able to Tap again to make it a H2 header, then Tap again to get H3, etc …

It would also be nice if the keyboard were sticky, remembering the last selected header style. So if I go back to the keyboard, the button will show “H3” because that was the last one I used. That way it’s easy to make another H3 header with minimal typing, and it puts the H4 header one tap away in case I want to make a subsection.

Tapping and holding to bring up the menu should return the key to its default state.