Too long shortcut path for H5 and H6

The very long shortcut path for H5 and H6

Now, on to the fun stuff! Make a line Heading 5 on iPad or iOS:

  1. Markdown path:
    1. Tap in front of line.
    2. Add ##### + space
      = 8 taps on the same spot on screen
  2. Shortcut buttons path:
    1. Tap BIU menu on kbd upper right corner
    2. Tap H3 (long-press H1 and slide up to get H4 on iOS)
    3. Tap Headings button, left of line, now H3 (or H4 – a little bit closer on iOS :wink:
    4. Tap Headings sub menu
    5. Tap H5 (or H6 if that’s what you need)
      Voila, you got Heading 4, 5 or 6
      (Same gymnastics to get to Heading 4 on iPad)

That was “only” 5 taps on very different places on the screen, “shortening” the route by 3 taps. So not sure if this qualifies as shortcuts :wink:


  1. iPadOS: Add Heading 4, 5 and 6 as long-press options under H3 button on BIU keyboard.
  2. iOS: Add Heading 5 and 6 on existing long-press options under H1 button on BIU keyboard.