Heading link search

In B2, will you be able to search for headings and link to them while in another note? For example, if I have “Note 1” with a heading “Heading 1” inside of it and I want to link to “Heading 1” from a different note, “Note 2”, will I be able to do that directly from “Note 2” via some kind of searching inline or will I have to go to “Note 1” and copy the link for “Heading 1”?


Yes, that’s already working in B2 beta and in current B1 release:

Start typing; [[Note title/heading title]]

You don’t even have to finish typing Note title before you add the / to see all the headings.

It works very well, also on iOS/iPad :nerd_face:

Ha! Ok, yeah had no idea. Just tested it on B1 here on the iPad. Thanks!