Linking to subheadings

I note that right now, in inter-note lining you can link to a sub heading with [[Note/Heading]], however, you can only see headings after typing in the “Note/“ component.

I was hoping it might be possible to auto suggest subheadings in the original list - ie typing [[Heading will suggest linking to the “Heading” section of Note. This would be both time saving and help with discoverability if I know the text of some note but not the title. Cheers

Wouldn‘t that create in a worst case scenario an endless list of possible suggestions?

I wouldn’t think so - you don’t have an infinite list of subheadings. For example in craft:

Subheading suggested, no infinite menu etc

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You mean to start writing a headers name and it is already in the list before writing the slash?

I am somehow indifferent to that. I am satisfied how it is right now. But it is a reasonable request in my opinion

Yep, that’s exactly what I mean :blush:

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