Link to paragraph (feature request)

This is also known as “block references” in other apps. I want to link to a particular paragraph in a particular document. You could do this e.g. by adding a unique reference to a paragraph (#^uad823y or something) and then other docs can say “see argument I made [^uad823y] before”.

In normal bear, can link to headers

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Welcome, with Bear it’s possible to link headers inside the current or another document. This will continue to be part of Bear also after the Panda integration. Linking specific paragraphs it’s tricky in many ways because they can be merged or split and the IDs might lose their meaning in the current document.

This is how I do it:

Create a link to a header at the end of the paragraph you want to cross-reference.

And it links to the note…

Hope this helps :+1:

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Oh cool I never noticed that thank you. Kickass